Regardless of how dark life may seem,
consciously experiencing joy every day IS possible.

Perhaps you’ve been told that this life is a trial and that true joy can only be experienced when this life is over.

I disagree.

This life is the ultimate expression of your soul’s insatiable desire to learn more, to do more.

And you know what? Living a joyful life is as natural as breathing. You’re doing it right now.

You just can’t see it. Why?

The stories you tell yourself blind you to what you already have.

A fundamental Principle of your human experience is that you cannot be separated from your feelings of joy. They’re a part of you.

However, you probably grew up with stories that encouraged you to believe that joy only comes from outside. If you please everyone, you will find joy.

You follow that advice, but at the expense of your own emotional well-being.

The result is that you wall yourself off from your connection to Source, you fear your emotions, you resist the ones you label as bad, and you become a prisoner of the stories you tell.

You judge others, and you allow others to judge you. Your stories of judgment become your focus, and in the end you forget your true voice – the voice that frees you to live the most joyful live you can.

It’s time to break free.

I’m Appio Hunter

Author, student, guide, passionate crusader for joy, and speaker for those who have forgotten their voices.

I’m The Emotion Emancipator

I share the insights that empower and liberate. I embrace the totality of the human experience. I stand in a place of joy and I shine light on the hidden recesses of the soul. I give you the tools to declare your independence.

Enjoy the freedom of making your own choices. Be yourself and live your life. Delight in simple pleasures. Feel the excitement of every emotion without judgment. Love yourself without fear.

Let me be your guide, and discover your path to your joyful life.














I, too, was an prisoner in a jail of my own making.

It wasn’t until I let go of fear and I stopped trying to make others happy that I tasted true emotional freedom.

It took me more than four decades to learn how to say “no” to others so I could say “yes” to me. When I did, I found my voice. Choosing to focus on my own expressions of joy empowered me to take ownership of my life and release the stories that held me captive. In the process, I discovered the power to do my greatest good. I now have the freedom to give more than I ever did before.

The definition of “selfish” isn’t what  you think.

I had to “unlearn” a great many things before I understood that being selfish isn’t a bad thing and that conscious selfishness isn’t the same as being narcissistic.

The narcissistic person asks the question, “What can you give me?”

The consciously selfish person asks the question, “Is this what makes me happiest?”

The difference is in the underlying motivation. While the narcissistic person looks for the best way to take what they want, the selfish person looks for the best way to share their joy with the world around them.

I learned that being selfish helped me to be selfless… and in return I helped the people around me discover their own power, voices, and truth.

Emotional freedom starts with a belief.

The belief can be whatever you want – as long as it feels better than the beliefs you currently have.
Once you have it, it is enough to take your first step.

I am the guide who can help you believe. I can light your path, but YOU are the one who gets to walk it. I invite you to take your first step and discover what it’s like to experience clarity, inner peace, joy, and self-love every day.














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