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Even though I’m not afraid of speaking openly of the things I’ve learned through my own challenges, I tend to keep family matters rather private. Today is a little different, however. I’m writing at the request of my aunt, who asked me to share a little bit about my cousin Kimberly Hunter.

Kimberly married into the family a while ago, but I first met her in 2009, when we were both visiting my aunt at the same time. I was immediately struck by her presence, her beauty, her confidence, and her remarkably tender, caring personality.

She is one of those women who has spent her life giving to every community where she has lived. After the tsunami of 2004, Kimberly traveled with my aunt (who is a registered nurse) to Indonesia where they spent a month providing assistance to those affected by the disaster. She has a history of doing things like that. It’s who she is.

Kimberly is one tenacious, courageous woman, and she was recently presented with the greatest challenge of her life; she has Stage 3 breast cancer.

All of us are deeply grateful that the doctors found the cancer, and that Kimberly is getting the care she needs. Unfortunately, she has no health insurance. She still has many more rounds of chemotherapy to go plus surgery, and the financial stresses of not having insurance are adding to the pressure.

My Cousin Kimberly

I’m keenly aware that Kimberly isn’t alone in her situation. Hundreds of families face similar financial difficulties due to illness and insurance issues, and nearly every one of them has had to set up a fund to help pay for the care. Every day I’m inspired by the generosity of people around the world and how we rally to support each other in times of need. I have donated to those funds whenever I can, and I’m a regular contributor to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Primary Children’s Hospital here in Salt Lake.

The family has set up a cancer fund through Give Forward to help with Kimberly’s expenses. You can go to it by clicking here, or you can go to GiveForward.com and search for Kimberly Hunter’s Breast Cancer Fundraiser. I’m asking that if anyone can contribute financially, please give what you can. If you’re unable to make a donation, another way you can help is to reblog this request, or if you’re on social media, share it on your feed.

I realize that some of you just recently started following my blog or me on social media, and I’m grateful that you’re reading this. This is a deeply personal plea, and it is not one that I make lightly. My purpose and desire has always been to have a positive impact on every person I meet – whether we met online or in person. For every donation or social media share, know that I will be forever grateful to you, and that I will do everything I can to give something back to you for your generosity and kindness.

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