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Is it time for another confession? I think it is. Here’s this week’s confession… I can’t always remember what I’ve written about. I do my best to remember if I’ve written about something without reading thorough all of my previous posts, but I’m not always successful. Am I the only blogger who has that problem? If I’m not alone, then it’s an unspoken secret within the blogosphere, or I just haven’t run across another blogger who has publicly admitted memory issues.

Why am I admitting that I can’t remember if I written about something? For me, the admission stems from an awareness that certain themes keep recurring in my life. Here’s why:

  1. They’re active within my own thoughts,
  2. The circumstances, people, and events that are part of my life right now are reflections of my thoughts, and
  3. My inspiration comes from the people around me, and what I sense needs to be said.

So forgive me if I sound like I’m repeating myself today, because I probably am. The good news is that while I may be repeating myself, I’m probably saying the same thing in a different way… because that’s how it needs to be said right now.

By the way, if the musings above sound like Law of Attraction, it’s because they are. I’m not afraid of saying that I’m a believer in the Law of Attraction. I’ve tested it too many times and seen it at work in my life far too often for me to write it off as some “woo-woo metaphysical crap promoted by The Secret crowd.” Yes, I can talk crystals, spirit guides, Indigo children, etc. with the best of them (and I LOVE my friends who are deeply into the metaphysical), but speaking strictly for myself, I’ve always been more of a practical, keep-my-feet-on-the-ground type of guy. This physical existence is where I currently have my attention focused, so I like to think and speak in terms that can be understood by a very broad audience.

My entire preamble leads me to this one thought I wanted to share today; that the world is our mirror. If we want to know where our thoughts lay, look at the events and circumstances of our lives. “Thoughts become things,” in the words of my mentor Mike Dooley. If your world and your experiences seem awful, it’s because your thoughts are stuck in that not so good place. If the world and your experiences are amazing… yup – you got it. Your thoughts are amazing.

And that’s where I’m going to leave today’s Reflection. Rather than explaining myself further, I’m going to let you chew on what I’ve said and allow the truth of the principle to sink in. Before I go however, I’ll share a quote:

“The awesomeness around us is a reflection of the awesomeness within us.” – Havalynn Russell

Awesomeness begets awesomeness, my friends, and there’s awesomeness all around us. Have a beautiful, fantastic, AWESOME day!

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