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I woke up in a very reflective mood today, and as I showered and shaved I started thinking about the times when I was able to quickly turn an intention into a reality. I eventually concluded that when my desires effortlessly became tangible things, I was being playful. That’s right. Playful. My dominant thought was usually, “Wouldn’t it be fun if…” or “What if…?” I almost always came from a place of fun and detachment, meaning that I wouldn’t be upset if my desire went nowhere. I simply kept a playful attitude while maintaining a clear intention of what I wanted. Inevitably, my desires would turn into real things or events.

One example comes from earlier this year, when I spent some time in Key West, Florida. While there I decided that it would be nice to go on a sunset cruise. Unfortunately, I hadn’t budgeted for that particular activity, so I decided that I was okay with not going, even though I really wanted to go. Rather than berating myself for my oversight, I chose to entertain the playful thought of, “Wouldn’t it be fun if I was able to go on a sunset cruise?” Then I let it go. I was okay if I didn’t go, but I still maintained the desire and had fun imagining the details.

So when a few hours later a couple approached me and offered me a free ticket to go on a sunset cruise, I was both surprised and not surprised. I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting my desire to be fulfilled so quickly. I wasn’t surprised because I have become consciously aware of how my thoughts become the things and events of my life. But that’s how Source works. Source often finds whimsical, unexpected ways of giving us the very thing we want as long as we’re okay with letting it go. Since I was not emotionally attached to the outcome of my desire, my wish was granted – and in a very playful way. The couple that approached me explained that they had purchased a ticket for a friend who was unable to join them, and since they didn’t want the ticket to go to waste, they decided to offer it to however was willing to accept.

That’s just one example out of many, but when I noticed the relationship between a playful attitude and my desire becoming a reality, I had to analyze the pattern further. Aside from thinking, “Wouldn’t it be fun if…” I noticed that I also took small, inspired actions in the spirit of having fun. On the surface, it appeared that the impulsive (or inspired) actions I took had nothing to do with my desire, but I almost always put myself in the right place at the right time for me to get what I wanted.

In the case of my sunset cruise, I had very impulsively decided that it would be fun to join some friends for a light snack, even though I wanted to go back to my hotel. The place we selected was the Conch Republic Seafood Company, which just happened to be adjacent to a marina from where many sunset cruises departed. Had I not made that decision to join my friends – in the spirit of having fun – I wouldn’t have met the couple that gave me their extra ticket.

My point is this: If we’re here to thrive and to be happy, then what better way to do that than to HAVE FUN while on our journey???? When we let go of our “must haves” and instead adopt an attitude of “Wouldn’t it be fun if…” Source responds, and then some. That’s because Source loves to play. And when Source plays, all sorts of awesomeness appears in our lives!

So be impulsive, be playful, and let go of the “should’s” and “must haves.” If you feel inspired to do something just for fun, then do it! I’m not saying that you should go crazy and incur massive amounts of debt. That’s irresponsible, and it takes away from the fun you could be having. Rather, when you’re inspired to do something just for giggles, do it with what you have from where you are and enjoy yourself. You’re still putting yourself in a position to make your dreams come true faster than you ever thought possible.

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