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by | Oct 4, 2014 | Reflections on Reality |

Yesterday I celebrated my 46th birthday. I have say that it feels weird to say that I’m 46, because I don’t feel 46. I feel… well, I feel ageless. My joints may feel a little arthritic, but I don’t pay attention to them. I feel exuberant, and happy, and excited, and filled with the wonder a child has when exploring the world. I’m anxious to start new adventures, and I’m eager to see current adventures culminate in the most spectacular way possible. I feel like the best part of my life is just beginning. (continued below…)

I didn’t just celebrate a birthday however. As the day progressed I received literally hundreds of messages by phone, text, email, and through social media. I found myself celebrating the many friendships I have. I celebrated the love that is all around me. I celebrated the presents I received. I celebrated the gift of health. I celebrated the gift of sight. I celebrated the gift of touch. I celebrated the gift of hearing. I celebrated the gift of taste. I celebrated the gift of smell – with one exception. My dog ate a piece of chocolate cake that fell on the floor and he developed a nasty case of flatulence soon after. I sure wasn’t celebrating my sense of smell then.

What I really celebrated was life. Why? Because life is an adventure. Life is beautiful. Life is wondrous. Life is AWESOME.

I talk a lot about gratitude, and to me, celebration is just another form of gratitude. Actually, celebration is gratitude on steroids. I’m always expressing gratitude, but when I’m in a particularly good mood I celebrate. I’ll celebrate waking up and feeling refreshed. I’ll celebrate my dog’s happy dance when he sees me get out of bed. I’ll celebrate a message from a friend. I’ll celebrate a new speaking engagement. I’ll celebrate finding a penny in the parking lot. I’ll celebrate a sunny day. I’ll celebrate a rainy day. I’ll celebrate the change of seasons. I’ll celebrate a hike in the mountains. I’ll celebrate a new song from a favorite band. I’ll celebrate finding a space to work at my favorite Starbucks. I’ll celebrate whatever I want.

I’ll admit that my celebratory attitude may have something to do with my heritage. My mom is from Brazil, and Brazilians are well known for finding any excuse to have a party. I’m always looking for an excuse to say “Whoo hooo!!!”, and I almost always find one.

So if you’re feeling down or depressed, find something for which to express gratitude, and then celebrate it. Shred some paper and throw in in the air like confetti if you want. Or buy a cupcake, light a candle, and have mini-party. Or, you keep it really simple and just throw your hands in the air and say, “Yay me!” (Thank you Havalynn Russell for that!) Celebrate what you want, and have fun with it. Whoo hooo!!!

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