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The need to “warn” others of pending energy shifts serves no purpose, except to placate those who may feel a need to “prepare” for those shifts.

The following question was submitted to Samuel on April 8, 2016.

“There are notifications of energy shifts occurring frequently in our world and impacting all life on the planet and the planet itself. For example, notice has been issued about a major energy shift to take place tomorrow, over a period of several hours. Is it that there are energy shifts occurring from ‘outside’ our world? Thank you in advance!” —Linda

Samuel’s response is below:

Thank you, Linda, for your question. Energy shifts are indeed taking place, but not in the way that is sometimes portrayed. Every energy shift you experience either collectively or individually is the result of decisions that are made by you. We mean ‘you’ as in humanity and you as the individual asking the question. The energy shifts you experience do not come from outside of your world, because you are not disconnected from the universe in any way. The energy shifts you experience and perceive are entirely your creation.

We do not see a need to “warn” others of pending energy shifts. Such pronouncements serve no purpose, except to placate those who may feel a need to “prepare.” Know that you are always prepared for every shift that takes place. Otherwise, the shifts won’t take place. Your conscious minds may sometimes react by pretending to be surprised, or upset, or disoriented, but since you are the creators of your reality, such reactions are merely the physical mind’s way of adjusting to the shift that has occurred.

As you align yourself with the greater part of you, the need to pay attention to warnings, pronouncements and such will go away. Those are human constructs and completely unnecessary to the experience of joy. When you focus on your personal experience of joy, the future becomes irrelevant. Your experience is—and always will be—in the now. You always have a choice in what you wish to experience, so the future cannot be foretold with absolute certainty.

As your whims change, your future changes. You are infinite, and so your future is infinite. Therefore, do not concern yourself with what may be, because that diverts your attention from what you can experience in the now. The now is the only place where you create, and while you may experience the passage of time before you see the completion of what it is you want, you always create in the now.

Your personal experience of joy is now. Why would you want to put off that experience if you instinctively know that joy is always available right now? To say that you will step into your joy in the future, after you experience some energy shift, is robbing you of an opportunity to enjoy something that can be accessed whenever you want.

The illusions of misery and unhappiness can appear to be very real. They may even appear to be overwhelming, but we assure you that a simple, small change in your attention will automatically lead to a shift in your perception. Break the pattern, as your scientists and researchers would say, and you will see the world very differently. You may have to break your pattern of thought dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of times, but every time you take your attention away from what causes you to feel unhappy and place it on something that brings you genuine happiness, you experience a shift now.

Your personal shifts are the only shifts we recommend you concern yourselves with, because each personal shift collectively creates the world you want to see and experience.

We hope that brings some clarity to the subject. We love you and always rejoice with you. Be well.

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  1. Linda Symonds

    Thank you, Appio and Samuel. Your answer is beautiful.

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