Getting Used to the Servants Among Us

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Aspects of Joy |

Well, well, well.

When I wrote my post a few days ago I felt okay because I was responding to the feelings I sensed from the people around me. What I didn’t foresee was just how short a time I would be sharing the Aspects of Joy as Samuel. If you remember, I said that “I will do what feels best for now…” What I forgot was that “now” really is NOW.

I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t acting on what I sensed, but rather reacting. I did so in the moment and from a place of compassion. However, I failed to remember that whenever I do something out of compassion, I’m reacting to the desires of others and I’m violating the First Principle of Joy. When I violate the First Principle of Joy, I’m not being fully authentic.

Put another way, as long as I speak as Samuel or using Samuel’s voice, I’m creating a barrier, however thin, between me and the people whose questions I’m answering.

I came to a full realization of that fact the moment the post was published, because I sensed a bit of disappointment from the collective. I got the impression that there was a bit of head-shaking and face-palming from them. I guess you could say that I got a mixed review. On one hand, I got props for acting out of compassion, but on the other hand, I was rebuked for “coddling” the people who wanted to hear from Samuel.

This was the gist of their message: People have to get used to me being me and me sharing messages about the Principles of Joy in my own voice. The messages are coming through me, so if folks want to explore the infinite Aspects of Joy, the answers need to be heard from me and not from Samuel. Period.


Definitely a “could be better” moment on my part.

Here’s the deal: Humanity has been clamoring for a more personal connection with Source, but that personal connection cannot be felt at a deeper level, nor can it be appreciated as long as the servants who are among us right now have to keep putting on the disguises humanity wants them to wear.

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Think of it this way; you may be able to see light through a lamp shade, but that light is dimmed and you can’t receive the full benefit of the light as long as something is between you and the source.

Know that are many servants among us; helping us by answering questions, providing direction, and showing us how to live authentically and joyfully. However, the full benefit of their assistance can’t be realized as long as they have to wear disguises so people can feel comfortable. The only way humanity can move into their desired age of enlightenment is to get used to allowing everyone – especially those whose gifts are meant to serve us – to just be themselves.

So, on that note, know that there will be no more disguises, no more hiding. If the greatest way to conquer your fears is to face them, then the best way to get comfortable with authenticity is to be authentic and allow others to do the same. That’s one commitment I’ll be keeping for the rest of my human adventure.

Be well, my friends. Until next time.

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