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I can’t believe that it’s been just over a month since my last post… and it has nothing to do with the “craziness” of the holiday season. If anything, it has everything to do with how I earned the nickname “Shiny Squirrel” (which is a reference to how easily I get distracted by proverbial squirrels and shiny objects). Add to that a nasty case of writer’s block and December has turned into a very slow month  for me in the blogosphere.

Truthfully, I’ve missed reading the many blogs I follow and interacting with my fellow writers. I haven’t been idle, however. I’ve been busy wearing my copywriter hat and my website builder hat. As I mentioned in my Let It Go post, in my quest to follow the fun and to do creative, rewarding work, I do lots of different things. One of the things I failed to mention I do is that I occasionally build websites. I’m not a developer – as in, I don’t write code – but I do love the challenge of building a self-hosted WordPress website. I rarely pass up the opportunity to do something fun, creative, and rewarding.

One site I recently had the great pleasure of building belongs to my dear friend Leigh Daniel. When Leigh contacted me to ask if I was interested in building her website for her, I jumped at the opportunity. I say that because Leigh is one of the most remarkable, talented, and visionary people I know, and she is one of my very best friends. We first met in Denver in June, 2013, where she spoke at Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer conference. I was there getting my certification to become an Infinite Possibilities trainer, and Leigh was asked to speak about her own experience as a Trailblazer (an additional level IP trainers can achieve).

Leigh had the audience captivated from the moment she started talking. We were laughing and crying and completely enthralled with her story, and she got a standing ovation when she was done. Later, when Leigh sat at my table to help us practice our own speeches for the classes we planned to give, she connected with each of us on a deeply personal level, and by the time the conference ended I knew that I had made a lifetime friend.

My friend Leigh Daniel

My friend Leigh Daniel

In the eighteen months we’ve known each other, we’ve spent more time together all over the country than I have with some of my friends who live just a few miles away. We’ve hung out in Boston, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Chicago. But my favorite place where we’ve reconnected is in Key West. Leigh is the organizer of Possibilities in Paradise (PIP), along with another mutual friend, Jonathan Benjamin. Leigh has invited me to speak at PIP a couple of times, and I’ve been deeply touched to have had that honor.

What makes Leigh such a remarkable, beautiful person is her ability to build communities. Everywhere she goes, she brings people together in a way that creates lasting bonds. Those of us who have attended PIP enjoy particularly close relationships that transcend the boundaries of time or distance. She has organized a Facebook forum called “We Share Infinite Possibilities” that brings together nearly 2,000 like-minded people from around the world to encourage and support each other through our challenges and to celebrate our successes.

To say that Leigh is an inspiration to thousands would be an understatement. She is a true mover and shaker, and everywhere she goes she leaves every life she touches changed for the better. I can honestly say that the world is a better place because Leigh is in it.

In spite of Leigh’s extensive experience speaking in front of audiences, she’s relatively new to the blogosphere. I’m therefore thrilled to introduce her to my friends and colleagues who don’t know her. Check out her website and start following her blog, “The Path to Positive Change.” I guarantee that you will be as charmed by her as I was when we first met, and I know that you will be inspired to walk your own path to positive change, just like me.

I love you Leigh. My life has been richer and more beautiful since you came into it.

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