What are Others Doing?

by | Jul 7, 2016 | Samuel's Notes |

Today we want to encourage you not to concern yourselves with what others are doing. Paying attention to the words and actions of other people does nothing except throw you out of balance. Too much focus on the actions of others causes you to look to outside influences and circumstances as a source of happiness, and that blinds you to the divine expression of joy that you are. Taken to an extreme, the focus on what others do leads to misguided attempts to eliminate a perceived source of fear. As human history shows, this creates resistance, discord, and conflict.

Instead of fighting against what others are doing, give them the space to be themselves. The only time what they do affects you is when you try to force them to act the way you prefer. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to you and your actions. Ask yourself this question: “What am I doing to make my world a happy place?”

We say this because harmony takes care of itself. The rest of the world, indeed the entire Universe, is already perfectly balanced. When you concern yourself with the simple, little, joyful things you can do to make your immediate space a place you always want to spend time in, then you will find you are in harmony with all of creation.

Rather than telling others what they should do, figure out what you would prefer to be doing, and then give your attention to that. You are always welcome to share your wisdom, insights, and discoveries with others – especially when asked – but remember to do so as a guide, not as a dictator. One of the keys to the joyous experience of harmony is allowing every individual to choose their path for themselves. They may do so with the loving guidance and input from those they trust, but ultimately, the responsibility to choose their path is theirs and theirs alone.

The same holds true for you. The choice of your path is your responsibility and no one else’s. Choose the path that brings you the greatest joy, and you will experience clarity, peace, love, and happiness every day.

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Appio Hunter is an author, speaker, spiritual guide, and a guy dedicated to raising our collective EQ. He uses his seminars and workshops to facilitate conversations about authenticity, alignment, awareness, and the experience of community, connection, and joy. Appio is also a weekly columnist with The Good Men Project and co-host of the Real Men Feel Show along with his good friend Andy Grant.

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