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Your human experience is your ultimate expression of personal joy.

Hard to believe? You’re not alone.

Many, many people believe that this life is meant to be a trial…

… and that’s okay.

It’s okay because your beliefs are an essential part of your human adventure.

Regardless of what beliefs you have, most of us want the same thing:

To be authentic. To experience community, connection, and alignment. To live a joyous life.

All of that is possible. In fact, living joyously is as natural as breathing. You’re doing it right now.

You just can’t see it.







The stories you tell yourself blind you to what you already have.






Joy is an essential part of you.

You cannot be separated from it.

However, if there’s one thing humans are good at, it’s telling stories.

Our biggest story is that joy is something that needs to be pursued, captured, and possessed…

… and that’s why joy can appear to be so elusive.

Looking outside of yourself for something that’s part of you keeps you seeing what’s been there all along.

It’s time for a fresh perspective.






Start with a new story.






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The story can be whatever you want…

… as long as it feels better than the stories you currently tell.

The good news is that once you have a new story, it is enough to take your first step – and you don’t have take it alone.


I’m Appio Hunter

I am the guide who can help you.

I can light your path and show you how YOU can walk it – joyously.

Take a step and see what it’s like be authentic and experience community, connection, and alignment every day.






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