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by | Oct 29, 2015 | Reflections on Reality |

Today’s post is going to be short – at least, short for me. That should give a few of my friends something to cheer about. I’m fully aware of my reputation for being wordy when I Reflect, so I accepted their challenge to write a post under 700 words.

What made this post particularly interesting for me is that I took two challenges and combined them into one. The other challenge was to write a Proclamation to the Universe.

The criteria for the proclamation were a) I had to state my personal truth as it currently stands, b) I had to declare my agreements with and expectations of Source, and c) I had to keep it positive.

On that note, here is my proclamation:

I, Appio Claudius Hunter, do hereby proclaim my true, divine nature to myself, the world, and to Source. As a divine being of light, I recognize that I am complete, whole, and connected to All That Is. I am an individual expression of Source Energy, but I am not separate from anything. I am here to contribute to the expansion of ALL through my experiences and the expression of my desires. I am here to love. I am here to laugh. I am here to cry. I am here to create.

While experiencing this life, I agree to follow my passions, live in joy, and have fun. I know and expect that Source always responds to my individual expressions of passion, joy, and fun in equal or greater proportion to the feelings I express. I expect Source Energy to collaborate with me and show me the fastest, easiest, and most efficient ways to create what I desire.

I know that playful, uninhibited, child-like laughter is the emotional currency of this universe. I proclaim that the more I play and the more I laugh, the more abundance I receive in all of its forms. I also declare that when I serve and share my gifts, I am expanding the attractive force that creates more joy and more love.

My purpose is to simply be. I choose to experience the richness of everything this life has to offer, and I do so without regrets. This is my proclamation.

Now I’m going to toss the challenge out to you. What would you like to proclaim? If you accept the challenge to claim your own truth, visit True2You Radio’s Facebook page and post your proclamation there. It can be written, video, or audio. If you prefer to keep it anonymous, send me a message through my website and I will post it for you, keeping you totally anonymous.

Namaste, friends. Until next time.

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Appio Hunter is an author, speaker, spiritual guide, and a guy dedicated to raising our collective EQ. He uses his seminars and workshops to facilitate conversations about authenticity, alignment, awareness, and the experience of community, connection, and joy. Appio is also a weekly columnist with The Good Men Project and co-host of the Real Men Feel Show along with his good friend Andy Grant.

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