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Life is filled with surprises; each of them a reflection of our human experience… and each of them makes a contribution to a joyous life.

Sometimes, surprises bring us immediate satisfaction and personal joy. Other times, surprises can leave us feeling angry and emotionally isolated. It may take us years – even decades – to see the blessings in the nasty surprises. When we do, the joy we feel may not be an intense burst, but rather a deep sense of purpose and clarity.

My life is a reflection of that insight. I’ve had many surprises – some good, some I would have preferred not to experience – but all of them have brought me to where I am now.

I’m living my dreamed-of life in ways I never dreamed of.

I never envisioned myself doing what I do the way I’m doing it. Champion for Joyous Living? Didn’t see it coming. Speaker and author? Yes, but on a totally different trajectory. Blogger? I’m still getting used to that. Podcast co-host? A major surprise that continues to surprise and delight every week.

Admittedly, I always saw myself living a life where I helped others live their personal expressions of joy, but my challenge was figuring out the details. Learning how to welcome, even embrace surprises allowed me to fill in those blanks.

I can honestly say that I live my life by discovery and by design. The daily surprises satisfy my need for discovery, while the vision I have for myself creates the general framework through which I can design the life I choose.






Getting Here






Fear can keep us alive, but it can also hide our authentic selves.

Ahh… fear. The great inhibitor of authenticity and human discovery – and something I know a thing or two about. Truth be told, I didn’t start off living fearfully. In fact, my childhood seemed rather idyllic. My parents loved me, I had lots of friends, and I was a fairly good student. I was a genuinely happy child and I loved my life.

Then I became a teenager and I did what every teenager does; I started asking questions about the things I was told to believe. The beliefs I accepted by default didn’t align with a deeper awareness of a truly unconditional love I felt that rejoiced with all things and all people.

My questions triggered a cascade of fear from the people closest to me. In time I made their fear my own and I buried my passion for having the best human experience I could. I learned not to ask questions, I learned not express myself authentically, and I learned to hide the real me.

Escaping from an emotional prison doesn’t automatically translate into emotional freedom.

The years I lived in fear took their toll on me. Mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, and bi-polar disorder dominated my life. Therapy helped, but I also spent years taking medications that did nothing except turn me into an emotionless zombie.

During my years of living fearfully, I took many journeys to that dark place where the only thought that brought me joy was one of taking my life.

Ironically, it was fear that kept me alive. Fear, coupled with an instinctive awareness that there was more to me than what I was being told.

When I finally started saying “no” to the beliefs of others so I could say “yes” to my own personal truths, I escaped the emotional prison that held me from the time I was a pre-teen. I was free to start forging my own path and make my own decisions. However, it took me many more years before I felt liberated enough to face my fears and speak my truth.






Living Joyously






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When you are Joyous, the Universe celebrates with you.

That simple statement is both a personal truth and a Tenet of Joyous Living. It represents the opposite of a life where I spent decades in self-loathing, inner turmoil, and wallowing in feelings of unworthiness.

However, I do not have any regrets. This journey, the life I currently know and live, is the result of my passionate desire to understand the human experience. I took the exact path I needed to help me appreciate myself and my fellow human beings.

I’ve learned to embrace the totality of who I am.

I took my time reaching this point, but loving myself means that I can now say I embrace every aspect of who I am – including aspects that once made me uncomfortable. I love my very human eccentricities and I love the weaknesses that inspire me to learn and grow. I love my connection with Source and I love that I straddle the line between the human world and the spirit world.

Yes, I’m a dude who’s connected to Source Energy in ways that can freak people out, but I also embrace the knowledge and insights of this world because this world is part of me.





You’re Invited





Be part of the journey.

Every path is unique, but our paths can cross, run parallel to each other, and even overlap. These pages may be an expression of me, but they are dedicated to you. I invite you to explore as much or as little as you want.

Remember that I am merely a guide. I can walk with you, I can show you a multitude of possibilities, but know that which path you take is your choice. Regardless of what decision you make, I am happy with you and I share your excitement.

Before you go, don’t forget to embrace every surprise along your way. They are reflections of your human experience, and they will lead you to your joyous life.


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