Aligning with the Tenets of Joy

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Why have I shifted from the Principles of Joy to the Tenets of Joy?

A few weeks ago, my friend Andy Grant and I dedicated an episode of the Real Men Feel podcast to exploring what at the time I was calling the Principles of Joy. I say “at the time” because I no longer share the Principles of Joy.

Those of you who have followed me for a while know I had been openly sharing the Principles of Joy for more than a year as part of my own awakening and embracing of the connection I have with the consciousness I once referred to as Samuel. However, I never mentioned that to me, the words “Principles of Joy” never felt quite right. I used “Principles of Joy” because those were the only words I could find that were a close – albeit imprecise – description of what I was getting; but they still felt… off.

Why did the Principles of Joy feel off? Because Joy is an integral part of the human experience, but it isn’t experienced in the same way by those who are in a non-physical state. Nor is Joy a universal principle like Love.

It was with that thought in mind when, just before we started recording the “Principles of Joy” episode of Real Men Feel, the collective asked me how I felt about using the words “Tenets of Joy” instead of “Principles of Joy.” I immediately felt an emotional resonance with their suggestion because what I’ve been sharing all this time really felt more like guidelines, impressions, or articles of faith rather than a set of laws or standards. The word “tenet” has much less emotional baggage attached to it than “principle”, meaning that the Tenets of Joy can be more easily accepted by our human sides – which allows those tenets to be more easily incorporated and adapted to one’s personal circumstances.

And so, on Episode 60 of the podcast, I aligned with what I’ve been sharing all this time, and the Principles of Joy became the Tenets of Joy. I admit I was not prepared for such an abrupt shift – especially just before I was going to speak on something else – but I’ve learned that part of being who I am means being highly flexible and instantly adaptable, even if it feels a little awkward at first.

In the weeks since that episode aired, a lot of stuff has shifted for me. For example, I no longer wear the mantle of Emotion Emancipator because that work has become something else. Additionally, references to the Principles of Joy on my website and on social media have been updated to more accurately reflect the Tenets of Joy, and even descriptions of the Tenets themselves have been updated to align with what is currently coming through (you can read the updated Tenets of Joy here).

So… if you’ve seen the changes and you’ve been wondering why I made them, now you know. And now that the floodgates have opened, new projects and more insights are in the works. I’ll keep you updated as they come to fruition.

Until then, I encourage you to Live Joyously.

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