As Natural as Breathing

by | May 31, 2015 | Reflections on Reality |

I’ve been on a rampage of love lately, and I can honestly say that (no pun intended) I’m loving every moment of it. Every day when I wake up I find myself immediately seeking a place of inner peace, harmony, and above all, love. Even though the desire to center myself in a place of love is instinctive, what has made the past couple of months remarkable is that I’m also very conscious of my desire to occupy that space of love – and when I speak of love, I’m referring to an all encompassing feeling that includes love of self, love of family, love of friends, love of everything and everyone.

When I reflected on the reality that I’m choosing to love consciously and instinctively, I noticed something. I noticed that every day I hear stories of love, I see people receiving and giving love, and I’m surrounded by love. I’m reminded of little children who so easily get along with each other, and who seek regular fill-ups through the hugs they get from their parents or other family members.

My own experiences, reflections, and observations have led me to this simple conclusion: Love is as natural to us as breathing. Left to our own devices – without anyone telling us what to fear or who to hate – we human beings instinctively choose to love each other. I don’t want to even speculate on the psychology behind that instinct, but what I can say with absolute certainty is that love is what drives us to find common ground, establish friendships, and build communities. Love transcends language, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, and everything else that divides us. I said this in a recent article I wrote for a local magazine, and it bears repeating here: Mathematics may be the universal language of science, but love is the language of the Universe. Like the Force of Star Wars, love surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds us together. It creates understanding, eases communication, and inspires us to help each other.

Just as breathing is essential for physical our well being, love is essential for our emotional health. If we stop breathing, we quickly suffer physical consequences up to and including death. If we stop loving, the emotional consequences can be just as severe, although our spiritual selves never die. We can however, suffer greatly when we separate ourselves from the love that is our natural sustenance.

There are those who would say that hate is the opposite of love. I disagree. What we label as “hate” is merely the absence of love. When we disconnect ourselves from Source through fear, practiced thoughts, and beliefs, we feel that disconnection. We feel the absence of love so instinctively we seek to replace what we know is missing, but far too often we look outside of ourselves for validation. For many, the absence of love can be so overwhelming they lash out. Their words and actions reflect their disconnection and distress, and in the most extreme cases some will claim that their words and brutal acts are inspired by the Divine, and that they are merely acting as tools of an angry Creator.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and nothing could propel us further from our divine nature and our connection to Source than choosing to believe that we are tools of retribution. We are adventurers, not tools – especially not tools of anger or vengeance. We have only one purpose here, and that is to follow the passion, the joy, and the fun that is part of our existence. We’re here to discover, to grow, to laugh, and to love. We’re here to live our lives as we choose. What greater purpose is there than to be ourselves, to live and love, to grow and expand?

Love 05When we love ourselves enough to listen to our inner guidance, to see to our own happiness first and foremost, we find that loving and serving others is automatic. We discover our common bonds, we share, we laugh, and we support unconditionally. That is our true nature, the nature of Source.

So remember: Love yourself, and you will instinctively love everyone around you. You can’t help it. It’s as natural as breathing.

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Appio Hunter is an author, speaker, spiritual guide, and a guy dedicated to raising our collective EQ. He uses his seminars and workshops to facilitate conversations about authenticity, alignment, awareness, and the experience of community, connection, and joy. Appio is also a weekly columnist with The Good Men Project and co-host of the Real Men Feel Show along with his good friend Andy Grant.

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