Did I Say Step Out?

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It’s not easy, but I’m finally getting used to the idea of me being fully me… and that means I need to stop hiding.

Well, well, well… When I wrote my posts about stepping out, I didn’t realize that I would be the one stepping out in a big way…

What happened? Back in March I came out of the “channeling” closet, so to speak, and I wrote of my experience becoming aware of, and then sharing messages from a collective that I referred to as Samuel. Here’s an excerpt from that post:

“And so, I started channeling for small groups and calling the sessions ‘An Evening with Samuel.’ I started using Samuel to identify ‘The Collective’ because I insisted on having a name. The curious thing about them is that they don’t use names to identify themselves or each other. They identify individual ideas and expressions of Source Energy through energetic signatures rather than through names. We humans are different however. We still see ourselves as separate from Source Energy, and names help us identify our uniqueness. Names also help us create a connection and a bond with each other. So, in response to my asking, I got the name Samuel.”

I have to say that the Evenings with Samuel have been amazing – especially for the participants who have asked questions about how they could apply the Principles of Joy to their own lives.

And that’s where things get interesting. As I held Evenings with Samuel, I enjoyed sharing the impressions I got from first person plural perspective (a.k.a. “we”). I had lots of fun, but I also sensed a collective “shaking of heads” when I did it. The feeling behind that head shaking was one of, “You don’t have to speak like that, you know. You can just be you and say, ‘this is what I’m getting.’”

My response? “Yeah, but…”

I couldn’t finish my argument. I knew “they” were right. As I explained above, I was the one who insisted on using a name to identify the collective consciousness I was tapped into. What I never said however, was that my insistence was rooted in fear. I was afraid of how I would be perceived (and received) if in my forums I merely said, “These are the impressions I get…” So… I became Samuel until I could get used to the idea of me being me.

There. I said it. I’m getting used to the idea of me being me.

In the process of me getting used to me, I hid behind Samuel. Truth be told, I continue to be surprised at how many layers of fear I’ve accumulated during the course of my human experience. If I were to use the metaphor of an onion, I’d say that I have one humongous onion, and that peeling back all those layers can get really tedious at times.

Sooooo… one more layer of the onion is gone. I have no idea how many more layers there are, but I’m sure I’ll find out.

Meanwhile, I letting everyone know that An Evening with Samuel is going away and it is being replaced with The Principles of Joy: Ageless Wisdom for Today. I’ve been sharing the Principles of Joy all along, but now I’ll be doing it in a much more relaxed and natural setting. I’ll be speaking to everyone directly and I’ll do so as me (or if you still want to ask Samuel, that’s fine too!) Everyone is encouraged to ask questions just as they’ve always done. No question or subject is off limits. The Principles of Joy apply to all aspects of our lives, so the purpose of these workshops / forums / events is to help you integrate those Principles into your human experience.

I’ve now said what I needed to say. And you know what? That felt good.

To answer your next question, the next Principles of Joy workshop will be held online on August 17, 2016. You can sign up by going here. And before I forget, Samuel’s Notes will now be The Aspects of Joy. The content will be essentially the same, with only minor stylistic changes in how questions are answered.

Did I say that I was stepping out again? Yeah… I thought so.

Until next time, my friends. Be well.

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