How Do I Do It Even Better?

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I love this question, because it implies that life is already awesome, and you want it to get even more awesome. How awesome is that?

Not long ago I put out an RFQ through Facebook – which is a Request for Questions (as opposed to a Request for Quote in the corporate world). Today I’m thrilled to answer the first question that got submitted. Before I continue however, I wanted to explain why I’m doing this:

Often, when one of us has a question, many more have that same or similar question. The way the question gets asked can be as varied as those who have it, but the emotion behind the question shares a common source. Therefore, when the question is answered, the answer doesn’t just apply to one person – it applies to many. My intent is therefore to serve and to provide a forum through which all of us benefit.

I’m obviously not alone in doing this. There are many, many people out there who have been doing this type of Q&A work for decades, and their modalities are as diverse as the human race itself. There may be overlap and similarities in the messages, but the ways in which messages from Source Energy are delivered are unique to the messenger… and each messenger has a unique audience. What’s really fascinating to me is that because we are all individual expressions of Source Energy and we are all interconnected, what we’re really doing is exchanging ideas, perspectives, and discoveries with each other for the expansion and benefit of all. I find THAT idea as exciting as riding all of the roller coasters at Cedar Pointe, Ohio in a single day.

Now back to the question: How do I do it even better?

I love this question, because it implies that life is already awesome, and you want it to get even more awesome. How awesome is that? 🙂

From a very broad perspective, there are three simple, practical ways to do things even better:

  1. Go with the flow
  2. Follow the fun
  3. Appreciate the contrast

Going with the flow essentially means that we’re riding our emotional current and allowing ourselves to be guided by our hearts and our instincts. If we encounter an obstacle while on our way to the destination of our choice, we allow ourselves to go around it with little or no focus on the obstacle itself. Since our focus is on staying in the current and on our destination, the obstacle represents little more than a shift or a change in direction.

If, however, we take our eyes off our emotional current and pay attention to the obstacle, we often end up smacking into it. Depending on how swiftly the current is moving, we may get pinned to that obstacle, or even dragged underwater. Climbing over it or trying to tunnel our way through it requires us to leave the current and to expend enormous amounts of energy “conquering” something that could have been conquered simply by going with the flow.

Bottom line, when you go with the flow, life just goes.

Following the fun means exactly what the words say. If we’re living awesome lives, then we’re already having fun – and when we’re having fun, we inevitably find more fun. Have you ever been out with a group of friends where the laughter and conversation flow nonstop, and every time you turn a corner you collectively discover something that just adds to the laughter and conversation? That’s how fun works. Like attracts like, and when we’re going with the flow, we’re going to have fun because the ride is so exhilarating. (This is especially true if there are lots of obstacles in our way and we’re zipping around them at a crazy pace!)

Follow the fun, and when you do, the fun follows you.

Image: Shutterstock / Ollyy

Image: Shutterstock / Ollyy

And that brings us to appreciating contrast. Sometimes, when we get really good at going with the flow and we’re having loads of fun, we don’t pay attention to where we’re going… and that’s when something happens to disrupt our journey. We hit a submerged rock, we lose balance and our boat tips over, or – in extreme cases – we get torpedoed. Alternatively, we may just get bored with the particular journey we’re on and we want a change of scenery. Regardless of what happens, that’s when we experience contrast.

Contrast can best be defined as anything that helps us get to a better place than where we were. The good news is that contrast (and every other experience, for that matter) is always temporary. Even better, our contrasting experience is so different from what we were feeling before, we find ourselves anxious to get back into the flow again – and we’ll do whatever it takes to get there. Whether we find ourselves stranded or we’re crossing over land to find a different river, we’re going to feel the difference of when we were on our breathtaking ride. However, when we appreciate that momentary disruption and see it as a chance to go on an even more awesome, more thrilling adventure, we get exactly what we expect.

Appreciate the contrast, and then watch as awesome becomes AWESOME.

There’s actually a fourth step to doing things even better, and that’s repeat. Repeat seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? But that’s why I want to mention it, because we often don’t see what’s directly in front of us. What more awesome way is there to create more awesomeness than to repeat the cycle, right? So here’s a rundown of the steps:

  1. Go with the flow
  2. Follow the fun
  3. Appreciate the contrast
  4. Repeat

That, my friends, is Source’s perspective on how to do it even better.

Be well.

Image: Pixabay

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