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There are many things that can open your heart to greater feelings of connection, but none are more powerful than loving yourself.

The following question was submitted to Samuel:

“How can we as individuals feel more connected with the oneness of the Universe? Are there things we can do that will open our hearts up to greater feelings of connection?”

The response is below:

Thank you for your question. There are many things that can open your heart to greater feelings of connection, but none are more powerful than loving yourself. Love is the currency of connectedness. It motivates you to do great things. It inspires you to listen to your heart’s desires. It opens you to the knowing of Truth.

We do not feel that a long explanation is necessary to clarify our meaning, but we do wish to acknowledge the frequent follow-up question, which is, “How do I love myself?” That answer may require more explaining, so we gladly continue this conversation.

First, we know from observing you that self-judgment is one of the most entrenched habitual thoughts humans experience. Almost from the time you are born, parents, families, and institutions send a barrage of messages focused on everything that is wrong with you… and when you do receive approval, it is usually in response to you meeting a behavioral condition. “Good job for completing your homework,” or “That’s right! Suck up those tears! Boys don’t cry!” Even though most parents believe that they are guiding their children “for their own good,” what is happening is that parents are teaching their children that they can only be loved when certain conditions are met.

This cycle has continued for generations, and in your modern world conditional messages are reinforced in popular media. You end up judging every external aspect of yourselves and believing that you can never be truly loved because you can never meet the conditions placed on you. And if, by some miracle, you do meet all of the conditions for self-approval, that approval can go right out the window the moment you do something that violates one of the conditions. (Chocolate, anyone?)

Therefore, the key to loving yourself is to release the attachment you have to the conditions for happiness. Do what truly brings you joy rather than trying to meet conditions that someone else placed on you. Eternal joy is something that already belongs to you. It is something from which you were never separated. There are no conditions that need to be met in order to experience the joy that is already yours.

We feel it is appropriate to remind you of the five Tenets of Joyous Living so you understand how connected you really are:

The First Tenet of Joyous Living: You are not responsible for anyone else’s “good feelings” but your own. Make the decisions that bring YOU the greatest joy… and discover the freedom to do your greatest good.

The Second Tenet of Joyous Living: Your human experience is your ultimate expression of personal joy. You cannot be separated from Joy because Joy is an essential part of you. Be yourself and live your life; and you will know Joy.

The Third Principle of Joy: The expression of joy is as natural as breathing. Allow yourself to delight in simple pleasures and Joy will show up in extraordinary ways.

The Fourth Principle of Joy: Every emotion you feel is an aspect of Joy. Allow all of your emotions to flow, you will live a joyous life.

The Fifth Principle of Joy: When you are Joyous, the Universe celebrates with you. Rejoice in who you are, and Joy will be your constant companion.

The natural flow of the Tenets leads you to a place where you will always feel Joy and experience the awareness of your connection to the Oneness of all that is.

We are so grateful for your curiosity, your passion, and your desire to experience the fullness of who you are. Know we are always with you, and you are always with us. We are indeed One.

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