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“You have a way of lighting people up!”


That is easily one of my favorite comments after I speak to a group. I’ve been told that my passion and charisma translates into an infectious energy that leaves audiences laughing, crying, and thinking. That’s because I take my experience in the corporate world and combine it with personal life lessons to connect with my audiences and inspire them to live the most authentic, joyful lives they can. Whether on a panel, in a breakout session, workshop presentation, or as a keynote speaker, contact me to create a memorable and insightful experience for your group, organization, or conference.

Here is a list of my most frequently requested topics:

The Tenets of Joy


Key West

How can you live joyfully when events and circumstances seem to be conspiring against you? What if you feel stuck on the life-path you chose and you’ve lost hope for a bright future? Is it even possible to experience daily happiness? If you’ve ever asked those questions, you’re not alone. They are legitimate concerns voiced by people every day.

In my signature talk, I invite audiences into very personal look at the times in my life when I asked those very questions and others; times when I traveled into the darkest places of the human experience and when I learned that no one is ever disconnected from the Source of Joy. My journey from near suicide to living an authentic, joyful life is well-traveled, but it’s far from complete. I continue to explore the Tenets of Joy, but I now do so with my audiences in a way that is filled with new discoveries, surprises, and plenty of thought-provoking conversation.

While the Tenets of Joy are ageless in their fundamentals, I share them with a modern twist and show you how, with relatively little effort, inner peace and joy can be yours on a daily basis.

The Practical Guide to Everyday Happiness


Have you ever asked yourself what your default emotional setting is? The answer is as simple as it is profound. The default emotional setting of every human being is one of contented happiness. If you need proof, watch babies. You’ll quickly notice that their worlds are filled with wonder, discovery, joy, and bliss.

One of the biggest challenges adults face is how to maintain that innate sense of wonder, joy, and passion they had as children. Why are adults so stressed out and unhappy with their lives? In this talk, I explore that question. I take examples from my own life lessons and I show you show you how to press your emotional “reset” button; returning you to your natural state of Joy. Whether in business or personal relationships, you’ll learn practical, powerful tools that you can use when faced with major (or minor) life challenges, and you’ll discover how to turn coping mechanisms into thriving mechanisms that make every day a new adventure.


Love the Job You Hate


Salt Lake City

Many mental health professionals have called workplace stress a “21st Century epidemic.” Mergers, downsizing, restructuring, reorganization, overwhelming workloads, and concerns about shareholder value and competitiveness have all been identified as contributing factors to that stress. Additionally, companies face the challenge of how to motivate their workforce and increase productivity without causing burnout.

In this talk, I explore how changes in the workplace start from within. I show how you can eliminate workplace drama and I teach simple, practical techniques you can use every day to stay motivated and love your job.

I have been in the audience more than once to hear Appio Hunter speak. He has an authenticity about him that really touched me. His story of overcoming adversity and achieving the life he dreamed of was incredibly inspiring. After I heard Appio, I asked him to speak at an event I sponsored and he was a huge hit with the crowd. He was given high marks at the end of the weekend event.

Leigh Daniel

Founding Visionary & CEO, Project Positive Change

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