The Tenets of Joy





The Tenets of Joy are a guiding set of ideas that – when practiced consistently – can facilitate the daily experience of community, connection, alignment, and authenticity. While contrast and challenges are a common and necessary part of our human adventure, the Tenets of Joy help us to experience this life from a perspective of celebration and gratitude rather than one of fear and anger.

I invite you to embrace these Tenets as your own and adapt them in the way that feels best for you… because when you are Joyous, the Universe celebrates with you.




The First Tenet of Joy




You are not responsible for anyone else’s joy but your own.

Make the decisions that bring you the greatest joy… and discover the freedom to do your greatest good.




The Second Tenet of Joy




Your human experience is your ultimate expression of personal joy.

You cannot be separated from Joy because Joy is an essential part of you.
Be yourself and live your life; and you will know Joy.




The Third Tenet of Joy




The expression of joy is as natural as breathing.

Allow yourself to delight in simple pleasures and Joy will show up in extraordinary ways.




The Fourth Tenet of Joy




Every emotion you feel is an aspect of Joy.

Allow all of your emotions to flow, you will live a joyous life.




The Fifth Tenet of Joy




When you are Joyous, the Universe celebrates with you.

Rejoice in who you are, and Joy will be your constant companion.

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