Appio is always a joy to work with. He has such great energy which you can immediately feel as soon as you talk to him. You can’t help but smile no matter what you are going through at the time. He can bring immediate peace to any chaotic event that you have going on in your life. His ability to create a space for you to feel safe and believe and feel that all is well is mind blowing.

Tiffany Allen

Founder & CEO, Thoughts Become Outfits

… I have worked with Appio before on challenges I’ve had and he has been able to guide me away from the feeling of helplessness with both humor and intelligence. He has a compassionate yet firm way of directing me to find the better way of looking at my particular issues. Time and again working with Appio has been the catalyst I needed to move me forward effectively.

Leigh Daniel

Founding Visionary & CEO, Project Positive Change

I’ve had the intense pleasure of working with and getting to know Appio over the past few years.. and I can genuinely say, his work is nothing short of phenomenal. His steadfast care in helping you succeed (in whatever capacity) is truly remarkable. He has not only walked me step by step through technical issues, but his emotional strength is something that you can feel just by being around him. I’ve been a witness and a recipient on more than one occasion to the miracle that is Appio, and I can only say that I hope you are blessed enough to experience it as well.

Bryan Glover


Prior to attending Summer Possibilities in Paradise 2015, I had made a decision to eliminate alcohol for a while and I had asked Appio to be a support for that decision.  He lovingly accepted & I was set! However, while on the sunset cruise dancing, laughing & having a blast, I thought it would be a good idea to have some drinks.  Next thing I know, I’m sitting in my hotel room next to Appio. We were talking and all of the sudden everything was normal. The next day I awoke feeling Awesome and Amazing. I thanked him and asked, “What did you do?” He said, “I took it from you.” I looked into his eyes & I knew it was the truth.  Appio is “The Real Deal!” He is one of the most powerful and loving healers I know!

Jan Hancock Cloutier

Licensed Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor

Appio has such a gentle and warm technique that is so deep and profound all at the same time. He is pure magic! As we sat and talked, he seemed to be able to reach into my heart and tell me exactly what I needed to hear. I felt such peace and love.

Dawn Cupero

Owner, Thoughtful Journey Coaching Adventures

I wish I could describe what it’s like to work with Appio, but the truth is that he can only be experienced. From the moment I met him I felt like there was something special there, but it wasn’t until I started working with him that I realized how special. Sometimes, when I was really bad mood and being stubborn, he would stop and say that’s okay… feel what you want to feel. Every time he did that, something shifted and I would start feeling better within minutes. The biggest change I’ve seen is that I’m no longer angry all the time. I still have my bad moods, but I get through them quickly now, thanks to Appio.

A. Stuart

Salt Lake City

Appio is an amazing healer of emotions and calm being that takes the sting of emotional turmoil out of your psyche. His work has helped me to realize that love starts at home with me. I don’t need anyone else to complete me. I am blessed to have worked with Appio and I know that he will be an amazing addition to anyone’s healing who will come to him with a heart open to change!!

Pete Cossaboon

The Angel Encourager

There aren’t enough words to describe my experience with Appio. He is absolutely the most amazing person who I have ever spoken to. Every time I talk to him I can FEEL the love he has for me. He has a very gentle yet powerful emotional touch that always helps me feel grounded. Appio helps me gain clarity and every time I see him, I walk away feeling better. He is a ray of light in this dark world. I would prefer to call him HAPPIO as he brings so much happiness into my life. When I am lost in the dark, I always know I can reach out to him and he is so fast to respond, and incredibly thorough. I don’t feel like he is ever too busy to help me. He gives above and beyond every time without fail.

April Rain Chamberlain

Owner, Infinite Joy Publishing

Appio Hunter is awesome! His presentation gets right to the point. I participated in his webinar and instantly took his concepts and put them to work in my life. I highly recommend him!

Shelby M.


Thanks you so much for a heart centered and joyful message from Samuel. I feel like in some way or another, every message you shared was valuable for all the participants, even if you were responding someone else’s question.

Delia Zarate

Davidson, NC

Awesome job Appio and Samuel! Strangely enough, I knew exactly which answer Samuel gave that applied to my comment and had already said it to a girlfriend! Fabulous insight and advice! Thank you!

Jeanni Jones

Oliver, BC (Canada)

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