The Presidential Election

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The individual who wins the presidential election will be the one who is most aligned with humanity’s desires at the time of the election.

Several people have asked this question of Samuel: “Who will win the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election?”

Samuel’s response is below…

While there are likely outcomes based on the predominant desires of the electorate right now, nothing is certain until the day of the election. That is because the future is always in motion; with infinite possibilities that change and adjust based on the whims of humanity. A recent example would be the “Brexit” vote held to determine the United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union. While opinion polls leading up to the referendum suggested that the outcome was statistically too close to call, the general consensus was that voters would choose to remain in the EU. As we all know, the outcome was different than what everyone expected—including and especially those who campaigned in favor of a “Brexit.”

To address the question directly, we will say this: The individual who wins the presidential election will be the one who is most aligned with humanity’s desires at the time of the election. Collectively, you are on a path that takes you into a new paradigm and a new era of clarity, peace, love and joy. We would warn you however, not to deceive yourselves into thinking that only those individuals whom you perceive to be “enlightened” can help to usher in that era. There are those you see as representing the exact opposite of peace, love, and joy, and yet those individuals have agreed on a soul level to assist humanity by playing a role that helps to clarify what you want for your society.

Remember that the only thing we perceive is the now, and that is the only thing with which we concern ourselves. By worrying about the future and lamenting the past, you are robbing yourselves of the opportunity to enjoy the now. If you wish to care about something, care about what you are doing right now.

You can do so by concerning yourselves with the immediate impact you are having on your own life. As you become the person you want to be, the ripples you send out will join the ripples of others. Those ripples become waves, and those waves spread out across your world and throughout the Universe. It is your individual focus on the good you can do you right where you are that has the greatest impact; not who sits in the White House or who represents you in Congress.

Be your own beacon. Be your own light. Be the uniquely joyful representation of the Divine that you are, and you will see that reflected in the world around you.

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