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This week I was interviewed for an Internet TV show (Positive Mindset TV) and an Internet Radio show (Illuminate Together Radio). My friends Leesa Myers and Michelle Spalding are two incredible, soulful entrepreneurs who have found their passions and are making a HUGE, positive impact on the world. They’ve certainly had an impact on my life, and I can’t thank them enough for being a daily inspiration to me.

I mention these interviews for three reasons: First, because I want my friends, family, and clients to be aware of the phenomenal work being done by Leesa and Michelle. Second, because I hope that my interviews will provide a glimmer of hope or inspiration to those who are struggling to find their passions and direction in life. Third, because many people aren’t aware of another passion I have, which is presentation design.

That’s right. Presentation design… as in PowerPoint and Keynote. I know there are other presentation tools out there, but those are the two platforms used by all of my OTHER clients… the ones who don’t come to me for happiness coaching. These are the clients who come to me for help crafting presentations that compliment them and their message. These are my clients who would rather have a root canal than build their own presentations.

I’ve never said anything about my other business here because so far, all of my work has come to me through referrals or by word-of-mouth. I also wanted to dedicate my “reflections” to musings about happiness, gratitude, and other thoughts that can have a positive impact. However, during my interviews I realized that are plenty of folks out there who could benefit from what I do, so I’m mentioning it now. Besides, my reflection today is still focused on happiness, gratitude, and reclaiming your passion for life.

On the surface it seems that my two passions  – happiness coaching and presentation design – may seem totally unrelated, the truth is that that my two “loves” share several similarities. In both practices I get to be creative, I get to listen, I get to consult, and I get to provide suggestions or guidance. In both practices, my goal is to provide a needed service and to see my clients walk away with smiles on their faces.

Those similarities were further emphasized this week when a buddy of mine was passing through town. He is on a similar journey of discovery and personal growth as mine. He recently became self-employed, and he has the ability to work from anywhere in the world. He therefore decided to go on the first of many long road trips, discovering the U.S., Canada, and more about himself and his connection to Source.

During our four and a half hour “lunch,” my buddy spoke of two dreams he would like to pursue – dreams that on the surface are as unrelated to each other as my passions. He at first spoke in terms of having to make an “either/or” choice, but then I pointed out that as long has he continues to entertain both dreams, he can have both. The either/or choice was a fallacy, the result of limited thinking.

My buddy’s life and my own life are living examples of how we don’t have to choose between one passion or another. We can choose them both, or we can choose many passions if we have them. They may seem totally disparate, but there is at least one thing that connects them – your desire. Some passions may come to fruition before others, but all of them will eventually turn into our daily realities. We just have to decide, believe, and then take small, daily baby steps in the direction of our dreams. When we do that, and trust that Source knows the best, fastest way to get us to where we want to go, we get there in the best, fastest way possible.

Sometimes we take wild, crazy detours that appear to leading us away from our goals, but if we trust the process, we’ll discover that those detours were Source’s way of guiding us downstream to our destination. Just look at a map. You’ll see that rivers frequently double back on themselves as they follow the path of least resistance on their way to their destinations.

So if you have one, two, or many passions that you want to explore, I say explore them. Those passions are calling to you for a reason, and that’s so you can thrive and live a happy life. That’s what you’re here to do, after all.

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