What Separation?

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Reflections on Reality |

We’re coming to understand that our expressions of individuality don’t keep us apart, but rather, they bring us together.

I like to believe that I’m observant. I can’t say that I always succeed, but I at least do my best to notice, see and experience the people, places, and energy around me. A pattern I’ve noticed recently is that we are collectively waking up to the fact that there is no real separation between us.

There was a time in our history when the illusion of separation seemed very real. Communities weren’t linked the way they are now, with instant communication and 24-hour news cycles. Physical distances created perceived barriers to communication, with only the most adventurous individuals daring to venture beyond the safety of their communities to discover what lay beyond. Their willingness to overcome their fear of the unknown often brought them great rewards—not just in the form of wealth, but also respect, admiration, and friendship.

These early explorers took the time to first understand the different cultures and people they encountered, and in return they were understood and appreciated. They did not see the world as being divided or separate. Rather, they instinctively knew that they could find common ground with anyone. They respected the unique perspectives of those they encountered. They accepted people as they were and allowed them, their ideas, and their cultures to flourish without judgment.

In time, the communities with the greatest number of adventurous souls, the ones that found ways to value and appreciate diversity, flourished and became the great trading centers of antiquity. Even now, the world’s most vibrant and prosperous cities are those that welcome, even embrace people from every culture and background. Even if the residents of the world’s great cities can’t articulate the idea, most of them somehow understand their communities thrive on being united, open and welcoming.

Even though the news would have us believe that we’re becoming a more polarized society, my personal experiences and observations tell me the opposite is happening. Increasingly, people and communities that in the past would have shouted at and fought with each other are now coming together with the desire to understand and appreciate. Expressions of compassion, love, and a willingness to allow every individual to be themselves are becoming more and more evident—at least, to me.

We’re not separated, but united. More importantly, we’re both united and unique. We’re coming to understand that our expressions of individuality don’t keep us apart, but rather, they bring us together because we are reflections of the infinite aspects of the Divine. When each of us pays attention to that Truth instead of the actions of those who peddle the illusion of separation, we find everything we seek.

Be well, my friends. Until next time.

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