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by | Mar 15, 2017 | Aspects of Joy |

There are infinite Aspects of Joy, but one of the greatest aspects (as I see it) is that we have total freedom to decide what’s best for us.

You know, I recently went through an internal debate about whether or not I wanted to take down some of my “Samuel’s Notes” posts. I finally decided to keep the posts up for two reasons: First, allowing everyone to see the history of my own evolution is aligned with my greater intention of living a life of no secrets. I may have things I choose to keep private, but secrets? Naw. I’m done with those.

My second reason for keeping old “Samuel’s Notes” posts rather than deleting them? By giving myself permission to evolve and grow while inviting others to participate in my journey, I’m allowing the people around me to see how anyone to evolve without the burden of self-judgment.

One personal truth I’ve embraced is that I don’t need anyone’s permission nor approval to decide what’s best for me. I’m the only one who can make that choice. I may consider the insights of friends, family, and trusted advisors when making a decision, but ultimately, I’m the only one who knows what feels right for me.

Reaching this point hasn’t been easy. I made it much more difficult than I had to because I was always a people pleaser. I still am, actually, but now I please people by first ensuring that I’ve seen to my own happiness. In other words, I take responsibility for my own happiness, and in doing so I discover the freedom to do my greatest good. (Sounds an awful lot like the First Principle of Joy, doesn’t it?)

There are infinite Aspects of Joy, but one of the greatest aspects (as I see it) is that we have total freedom to decide what’s best for us. Here’s a short (but by no means comprehensive) list of what’s best for me:

I choose not to allow the fears of others to become my fears.

I choose to embrace whatever fears I have and doing so, I’m allowing myself to ask, “Why do I have this fear?” The answers help me find creative ways to navigate around that fear.

I embrace everything and I resist nothing. Why? Sucky things are going to happen. That’s inevitable; it’s a part of our human experience. Suffering however, is optional. By embracing everything and resisting nothing, I choose not to suffer.

I choose to do what feels best for me right now because right now is the only time that matters.

By choosing what’s best for me right now, I’m living my best life right now.

Keep in mind that I’m sharing a personal truth, but it’s one born from a Universal Truth. One thing about Universal Truths is that they transcend space and time. They can be understood in any language, culture, philosophy, or religion. They do not need to be argued, nor does anyone need to be convinced. Universal Truths simply are, and they are instinctively understood. In that instinctive understanding, the personal application of a Truth becomes one of the infinite ways that you live your truth.

Trust in this simple Aspect of Joy: Do what’s best for you without fearing what others say and without judging yourself. When you make that choice, you live your personal truth, you radiate joy, and everyone benefits.

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